Zimbabwe needs USD 173 million for digital migration

The Zimbabwean government needs USD 173 million to complete the digital migration process in the country, which will be spent on migrating existing transmitters, buying new digital transmitters, migrating the studios at Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), migrating monitoring equipment for the regulator and putting in place new regulations for the licensing of the new digital broadcasting, said Jonathan Moyo, Minister of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services.

Zimbabwe currently has 24 transmission sites out of which 10 transmission sites have migrated to digital broadcasting. An additional 24 digital transmission sites are however required. The country’s national signal carrier, Transmedia Corporation, estimated a requirement of USD 30 million for the initial phase of the DTT rollout.

Digitising ZBC’s studios will cost USD 70 million and once digitised, ZBC will need USD 5 million to kickstart the digital content production. To add to it, ZBC would require USD 51 million for servicing debts and an additional USD 10 million for training employees for digital television.

Regulator, Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ), estimated a need of USD 5 million to migrate the regulation of television broadcasting and over USD 1.5 million to buy monitoring equipment.