Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation produces new programmes

ZBC TV continues to produce new television productions, all funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe under the Zimbabwe Digital Broadcasting migration project. The programmes range from game shows, dramas, soapies, lifestyle and music shows have bolstered content on ZTV while empowering local filmmakers.

Already airing this season is drama series “Diaspora”, directed by award-winning actor Eddie Sandifolo, the drama series touches on social issues that arise when people travel abroad seeking greener pastures.

“The series follows the story of a couple that is broken up by relatives when they marry poor, with the husband failing to provide for his wife. The woman is then shipped off to the Diaspora only to realise that she is pregnant, but has no way of returning to her former husband or to communicate with him.

“We worked with budding actors and actresses. This is also Eddie Sandifolo’s first shot at directing. They all did amazing work; a sign that given a chance our industry can grow.

“We therefore appreciate efforts by our Government through BAZ, in developing our industry,” said Yobe.