Zamani Com awarded 4G license in Niger

The government of Niger has awarded a 4G license to operator Zamani Com.

Zamani Com is the new owner of mobile operator Orange Niger which has been awarded a 15-year license for the establishment and operation of a 4G network in Niger. The first operator to plan 4G offer in the country is Airtel.

The announcement also confirms that Zamani Com’s existing 2G and 3G licenses have been renewed for a further 15 years.

According to local press reports the total cost will be around $19.7 million for the new 4G/LTE license. The 2G and 3G renewals will be around $47 million.

Orange finalized the sale of its entire 95.5 per cent stake in Orange Niger to Zamani Com last November. Zamani Com is wholly owned by Mohamed Rissa of Rimbo Invest and Moctar Thiam of Greenline Communications, both minority shareholders of Orange Niger.