Zain launches new Home Broadband plans in Bahrain

Zain Bahrain has announced the accessibility of improved mobile and home broadband plans that provide many benefits to its customers on its 5G network, allowing smarter, faster broadband connectivity and providing supreme value. On the mobile broadband front, Zain Bahrain rolled out a ‘SIM Sharing’ facility that will significantly benefit families and has been intended to keep all their devices connected on the go enhancing the quality of experience and value. Zain Bahrain has continuously strived to bring in offers that enrich customers’ overall mobile and home broadband experiences and lets them always enjoy high-speed multimedia entertainment and information services.

To mark the launch, Zain Bahrain’s Mobile Broadband SIM Sharing plan is accessible to customers at reasonable rates. Through this plan, customers can avail generous data allowances and three months free unlimited data usage for YouTube & Netflix. Furthermore, customers will also receive a one-year complimentary OSN streaming subscription and two extra free SIM cards along with generous data allowance. The plan can further be enhanced using Zain Bahrain’s 5G network by purchasing the 5G router with the selected plan.

As for Zain Bahrain’s Home broadband offers, customers can avail a two months free rental offer while subscribing to any of the 5G Home broadband plans. Zain Bahrain customers can now get a download speed of up to 500Mbps when purchasing a 5G router with any plan and be able to experience generous data allowances, unlimited throttled plans, and extra SIMs with dedicated data allowance. Zain Bahrain’s 5G home broadband network has opened a highway to new experiences and allows for faster downloads and instant video streaming. With selected home broadband plans, customers can now avail unlimited YouTube and weekends and get free extra GBs on a postpaid connection.

The Director of Consumer Marketing & Sales of Zain Bahrain, Ammar AlKetbi, said, “Customer demand is continuously evolving when it comes to Internet access, whether at home or outside. Now of all times, it has become extremely important to have a stable and high-performing broadband connection which can connect multiple devices seamlessly. With 5G, the spectral efficacy of mobile networks has improved, and we are committed to continuously providing reliable and hassle-free connectivity to our customers. We hope our new broadband offering and the newly added SIM sharing facility will provide supreme value to all our customers and enhance their mobile broadband experience.”