Zain launches 4G in South Sudan

Mobile operator Zain rolled out 4G in South Sudan. The South Sudanese Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies and Postal Services has stated that the entry of the telecoms company into this market segment is the result of successful negotiations with the National Communications Authority (NCA).

The CEO of Zain South Sudan, Khalid Abdalla, said, “We are excited to make South Sudan’s best network even better. 4G Internet broadband now places South Sudan among the countries offering advanced mobile data services.”

Zain’s launch of 4G in South Sudan comes nearly three months after its sole competitor MTN. The subsidiary of the South African telecoms group entered the very high-speed mobile segment on December 3, 2020, in the face of growing consumer demand for quality telecom services.

With the launch of 4G by Zain and MTN, South Sudan now has the means to fast-track its digital transformation. Broadband, the foundation of the digital society, will enable everyone to access value-added services more easily.