Zain KSA rolls out 5G network in Saudi Arabia

Zain Group has introduced 5G commercial services in Saudi Arabia with the first phase of the rollout being deployed through a network of 2,000 towers that cover an area of more than 20 cities in the Kingdom. Zain has also launched 5G services in Kuwait and is the largest 5G network deployment in the region to date. There will be a gradual development of the network to cover a total of 26 Saudi cities utilizing 2,600 towers by the end of 2019.

5G is seen as a major global revolution in the field of digital technology, and its deployment in Saudi Arabia is projected to contribute towards realizing the digital transformation goals specified in the Saudi Vision 2030. Zain KSA’s launch of 5G services will boost up the introduction of this advanced technology and its applications, offering high-speed mobile internet connectivity to users across the Kingdom.

The Vice Chairman & Group CEO, & Zain KSA Vice Chairman of Zain, Bader Al Kharafi stated, “5G will bring substantial change for the Kingdom’s telecom industry, creating new business models and unlocking opportunities for many sectors such as financial, ICT, agricultural, tourism, entertainment, automotive, health, education and public sectors, to name a few. The technology is also expected to contribute significantly to the country’s economy, creating thousands of new jobs.”