Zain introduces new value-packed post-paid plan in Bahrain

Zain Bahrain, a leading telecom services operator in the kingdom, has announced the launch of ‘Wiyana’, an umbrella for its postpaid plans offering a range of benefits to ensure customers stay connected by paying less with high-speeds while receiving great value. 

Wiyana’s value-packed postpaid plans will avail subscribers of unique offers and benefits. The launch is in line with Zain Bahrain’s strategy and its ongoing commitment to deliver an exceptional customer experience, empower its customers and provide more

The newly launched Wiyana is more than a basic plan, it provides up to 50% additional data and can be purchased for $18.4 per month.

Additional bonus data can be availed if the customer subscribes to any of the plans through Zain Bahrain’s eShop or opts to enable autopay through the Zain App to receive up to 4GB bonus data, it stated.

A free special number of choices, Free access to 5G network and one-year Free OSN streaming subscription on select packages are some of the additional benefits that a customer can avail by subscribing to Wiyana.

On the new package, Ammar Abdul Khaliq AlKetbi, Director of Consumer Marketing & Sales, said: “Zain Bahrain has always been customer-centric, and we have constantly evolved our plans to provide more benefits and value to our customers.” 

“The launch of Wiyana further strengthens our service offerings to meet the requirements of postpaid subscribers and provides them freedom to choose the best plan suitable thereby allowing them to save more and obtain the best value,” he stated.

“The plan also offers its customers easy instalments on numerous devices; customers will no longer have to wait for their contract to expire prior to acquiring a new device. This is part of Zain Bahrain’s ongoing ‘Buy Now & Pay Later’ service that enables customers with contracts expiring in three months or less, to get their device instantly and pay after three months,” he added.

AlKetbi said upon subscription to Wiyana postpaid plans, customers can enjoy a seamless experience with Zain Bahrain’s local, international, data, streaming and roaming passes and also receive up to 90% discount on international calls to selected destinations.

Under this package, customers will be eligible to win valuable prizes for every transaction made using the Zain application where customers get an opportunity to Spin & Win.