YouTube offers Ramadan program “Fiqh Al Almandhomah” in MENA

As Muslims around the world have started to fast for the Ramadan, Dr. Abdullatif bin Mohammed Al Afaliq rolled out his introductory program titled “Fiqh Al Almandhomah” on YouTube to cover the MENA region.

The program was intended to be available on one of the Arab satellite channels; however, discussions to air the program in prime-time hours were unsuccessful, due to the competition for viewers’ attention between TV shows and series during Ramadan.

“The program aims to provide a new and unconventional vision to achieve better understanding of life and all of its components and features, as well as the spiritual and physical aspects of life, because life is an integrated system,” declared Al Afaliq.

Al Afaliq indicated that “Fiqh Al Almandhomah” is a social development program that offers a new philosophy to find suitable and practical solutions to the various problems faced by community members. Conceptually, the word ‘Fiqh’ means the human attempt to understand the system of life. 

In forthcoming episodes, “Fiqh Al Almandhomah” will debate various topics about human communication with society and life. Other subtitles include ‘Son of the Universe’, ‘Loss of the Compass’, the ‘Hungry Spirit’ and other titles that will be revealed within the coming days.

The program, which comprises of 13 episodes, was filmed in Cairo Studios, and will be broadcasted during the holy month of Ramadan, especially during the odd-numbered days. The first introductory episode was posted on YouTube to mark the first day of the Holy Month of Ramadan and is available on the following link: