YouTube Music to expand black artists funding

In 2021, YouTube launched a $100 million #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund in an effort to help equip Black musicians with the resources and support to enable them to thrive and invest in work that amplifies the voices, perspectives and stories of all Black artists around the world.

YouTube Music announced the expansion of the fund scholarship to include songwriters and producers ahead of the 2022 application phase.
“The YouTube Music team is excited to expand the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund and create new opportunities while also reflecting on the progress made to date,” YouTube EMEA managing director for emerging markets Alex Okosi said.

“It’s been a company-wide effort to make a change and raise voices and profiles of Black artists on the platform,” Vivien Lewit, YouTube Music global head of artist relations. “We broke off as a music team and asked, how can we have impact, raise the profiles not just of artists but also songwriters and producers, and how can we celebrate communities and give voice to youth culture,” he added.