YouTube Go launches in South Africa

YouTube has announced that it has launched its new ‘data-light’ version of the platform, YouTube Go, in South Africa. This app is a lighter version of the YouTube app, to cater for audiences with a slow connection those who are not on high data packages.

“YouTube Go provides transparency in how users are using their data, allowing them to reduce their data consumption. It also provides a social experience, connecting users with the people and content they care about,” the group said.
It gives users a home screen that shows trending and popular videos nearby, allowing them to see the latest content that the people around them are watching and sharing, upfront. It offers a ‘preview video’ function to make it easier for users to decide what they want to watch.

“People in South Africa love YouTube,” said Google Africa chief marketing officer, Mzamo Masito, “but the current app is too data-heavy for it to be usable to most viewers, who don’t have high speed and large capacity data plans, or free Wi-Fi.”
“Now, the app is much lighter and nimbler, and you won’t have to wait for videos to load or buffer forever.”