WatsUp TV to extend its content across 40 African countries

WatsUp TV has partnered with Guinea Evasion TV and Burkina Faso’s 3 TV to extend its content onto Canal+ platform across more than 40 African countries, thus, reaching around 7 million homes. Produced and aired in French for the Francophone audience, the initiative of the new show is to create awareness of the WatsUp TV brand to a new market and present musicians and music promoters to promote their content globally.

According to the CEO of WatsUp TV, Abdoulaye ABD Traore, the brand is growing rapidly to become the preferred platform for music artists and fans to promote their music and songs to the whole African continent.

WatsUp TV will be aired every Sunday on Canal+ in Burkina Faso, daily in Ghana, and weekly on EBN Channel, TV7 and Max TV.