Vodafone introduces Talk to Browse in Ghana


Vodafone Ghana has rolled out ‘Talk to Browse’ (TTB), an exclusive offer that enables customers to browse free for every billed minute of local calls made.

This exclusive offer enables customers to enjoy free data for every call they make. For every 1-minute call duration a subscriber instantly receives 10MB for free.

In other words, a subscriber will receive 100MB after a 10-minute local call made.

The Director of Marketing at Vodafone Ghana, Pushpinder Gujral said, “This free subscription offer is aimed at instantly rewarding our customers for every local call that lasts 1-minute and above. All the customer has to do is to subscribe to this offer by dialling 5050 to enjoy free data on every call made. All calls that go beyond a minute will be eligible for the TTB data reward which accumulates as customers talk more. This is a direct response to the dynamic needs of our customers.”

Along with the current telecom tariffs, Vodafone’s Talk to Browse will mostly likely be a hit amongst subscribers and boost Vodafone in the Ghanaian market.

This year the company is also celebrating its Tenth Anniversary of operations in Ghana; the “Talk-To-Browse” offer is well deserved.