Vodacom to boost broadband services in South Africa

Vodacom is investing to ameliorate broadband services in the South African region of KwaZulu Natal, building fibre networks and 4G base stations.

The company stated that offering network connectivity for people who live in rural areas is central to its obligation to connecting the digital divide.

The executive head for operations for Vodacom in the region, Ishmael Mathinya, stated, “We believe investing in our network ensures that we deliver best-in-class coverage and customer service, not only to urban areas, but to people who dwell in township and deep rural areas as well, so they are well positioned to take advantage of the benefits of the digital revolution.”

The company will install 50 new base stations across the province in the financial year, 27 of those have already been switched on.

The region improved its 4G footprint from 56% to just over 94% in the past two years to reach over 99% population coverage in the broader KwaZulu Natal province, said Vodacom.

Mathinya further said, “There has been a massive focus on broadband connectivity in the rural areas, with LTE coverage specifically in the rural segment at just over 80% and plans to address remaining areas by the end of the 2021 financial year. Critically, the region crossed the 2000 base station mark in mid-year. Furthermore, we’ve completed an additional 625 sites as part of bandwidth expansion in order to provide far more improved data experience, largely targeted in eThekwini and Pietermaritzburg.”