Vodacom M-Pesa goes global

Vodacom M-Pesa in Tanzania has announced the expansion of its International Money Transfer service portfolio.

“Vodacom M-Pesa Tanzania going global is our way of adding efficiencies to our customers’ remittance ecosystems. Our customers can now send and/or receive money from 200 countries through their M-Pesa account from the comfort of their homes,” announced Hisham Hendi, CEO at Vodacom Tanzania.

Vodacom Tanzania customers will now have the option to transfer and receive funds from individuals across more than 200 countries.

Vodacom M-Commerce Director, Epimack Mbeteni said the international remittances make people and small businesses to stay connected irrespective of their location. “We pride ourselves for being enablers in the payment system by facilitating cross border trade within the region for the efficient and seamless sending and receiving of funds, from anywhere around the globe through M-Pesa International Money Transfer Service,” he said.