Vodacom launched new recycled SIM cards

The mobile carrier Vodacom is launching its new Eco-SIM cards, made entirely out of recycled plastic. The new SIM launch is a part of the company’s green initiative that seeks to halve its own greenhouse emissions by 2025.

Balesh Sharma, Managing Director of Vodacom South Africa commented on the release of this new sim card saying: “We have always maintained that business success should not come at the cost to the planet. We believe that urgent and sustained action is required to address climate emergency, which is why we constantly launch products and initiatives that aim to preserve the planet in line with our purpose”.

Like other environmentally conscious companies, Vodacom plans on eliminating plastic usage in various parts of its business. It’s a continuous process that’s been in the works for a while. Back in 2019, the company eliminated the usage of plastic bags in its retail stores, opting instead for brown paper bags.

The company acknowledges that a more scorched-earth method of eliminating plastic SIM usage in its devices would be via eSIMs. It was the first mobile carrier to support eSIMs, beginning in 2019.

Davide Tacchino, Managing Executive of Terminals at Vodacom, expressed his thoughts on the initiative saying: “We aim to minimise and eliminate plastic usage at all our touchpoints, including our warehouse and our different logistics and distribution chains”.

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