UAE’s Yahsat and Cobham SATCOM partner on new mobile broadband system

Al Yah Satellite (Yahsat), the UAE-headquartered satellite solutions provider, has selected Cobham SATCOM to deliver a comprehensive mobile broadband system, including ground infrastructure and products, to operate as part of its next-generation Thuraya 4-NGS system.

According to Yahsat, Cobham SATCOM’s expertise and capabilities will further enhance their mobile satellite services (MSS) advanced broadband data services, enabling the Thuraya 4-NGS ground network with 4G and 5G capabilities and features. Their solutions will also increase connection speeds, enabling integrated end-to-end customer solutions and expanding Thuraya’s ecosystem.

To recall, Thuraya 4-NGS is a next-generation L-band mobile communications satellite system scheduled to begin operations in 2024 and is planned for launch in the second half of 2023.