TSTV relaunches its services in Nigeria

TSTV is planning to relaunches its services starting October, with a pay per view for as cheap as N2.00 and N5.00 for a channel per day. 180 channels will be introduced and 80 of them will be in High Definition (HD) channels, noting that TSTV is the first Pay TV in sub-Saharan Africa to adopt H.265 decoder, which streams at a higher quality.

“We promise on our side that we will continue to support you. At this time, I think that the major issue confronting the PayTv sector is the area of giving Nigerians option of deregulating purchasing capacity in terms of pay as you go concept. We welcome that option and wish that it serves as stimulant and as progressive index for other PayTv operators to adopt,” announced Armstrong Idachaba Acting Director-General of NBC.