TiVo introduces ‘Next-Gen’ platform for Pay TV providers to enhance their game

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TiVo launched a new “Next-Gen Platform,” allowing pay TV operators to better keep up with the changes in how consumers prefer to watch television today. The platform enables operators to offer modern-day features to their customers – like personalization, recommendations, voice control, and more to their managed set-top boxes. It also includes support for mobile devices and for customers’ streaming players, like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV.

The platform is TiVo’s bet that operators need help to stem the tide of cord cutting. With better software, they’ll be able to retain their pay TV customers by including the sort of features that have become the baseline for other services – like personalization or voice – while also making it easier for customers to access pay TV, streaming, on-demand, and their DVR all in one interface.

The platform itself includes several products, starting with TiVo for Linux set-top boxes and TiVo for Android TV. Operators who power their managed set-top boxes with either platform can use this Next-Gen platform to offer a wide feature set including personalization, recommendations, conversational voice command and control and, most importantly, the combination of the pay TV content with everything else from the world of streaming and on-demand.