‘The Good Old Days’ available on channel Joy Prime in Ghana

Joy Prime will bring to viewers television series The Good Old Days’. In Ghana, when the film industry is mentioned, one name that does not go unnoticed is Kwaw Ansah. This is largely because, the popular producer, director and writer, brought to the screens many movies like Heritage Africa, Love Brewed in an African Pot and the Good Old Days, that molded the Ghanaian movie industry.

The movies have captivating stories of love, family life, struggle and childhood mischief. ‘The Good Old Days’ series tackles societal issues designed to seduce all age groups. It brings back the joyful and sometimes sad memories of our way of life in the early years gone by.

 Speaking at the launch, Kwaw Ansah declared, his motive behind the story was not only to bring the stories of teenagers to life but also highlight the need for peace in Dagbon.

 “I wanted it to be translated into the language, Dagbani, make it available to them. The people of Dagbon needed to understand, the depth their fight has gotten to and the harm it was bringing to women and children,” he specified.

According to Ansah, the message was to preach love and understanding in days of war between the Abudu’s and Andani’s in Dagbon.

On the other hand, the General Manager of Multi TV, Abdulai Awudu, thanked Kwaw Ansah and his production house Film Africa, for this collaboration that will see Ghanaians enjoy good movies from the movie director and writer on their TV sets.

The television series is made up of three major Kwaw Ansah feature films, each of which is split into an average of four episodes for twenty-five minutes. Joy Prime will soon announce the dates for which these movies will show.