TEOCO selected by MTN to deploy its radio networks

TEOCO, the leading provider of analytics, assurance and optimisation solutions to more than 300 communication service providers and OEMs worldwide, has been selected by MTN Group to standardise its radio and microwave network planning tools. 

MTN Group will deploy TEOCO’s ASSET Radio and ASSET Backhaul across subsidiary networks in 18 different countries. This will give MTN Group the ability to standardise the reporting of its population coverage across Africa, allowing it to monitor the number of subscribers that can access MTN’s services.

“Having a standard planning tool across MTN Group allows us to be consistent in our approach to network planning and optimisation,” said Navindran Naidoo, Executive: Network Design & Planning, MTN Group. “The data we collect on our subscribers needs to be highly accurate if it is to improve our business operations. Having worked with TEOCO for more than 20 years we are certain they will help us achieve our subscriber goals.”

“We are delighted to continue to grow our relationship with MTN Group,” said Atul Jain, Founder and CEO of TEOCO. “Having the correct tools in place to monitor and analyse operators’ networks and subscriber base is paramount. Without it, you are blind to issues that are affecting the network, and blind to the outcomes of customer behaviour. By consistently analysing data, through standardised tools like ASSET, MTN Group can make important network decisions and track the impact across entire continents. This provides significant economies of scale and delivers a differentiated customer and mobile network experience.”

As one of the largest operators in the world, working across Africa and the Middle East, MTN faced operational challenges in collecting consistent and accurate data from diverse countries ranging from South Africa and Nigeria to Yemen and Afghanistan.