Telstar secures mobile phone license in Angola

Telstar has secured mobile phone license in Angola. The telecom operator was awarded this license after winning the tender issued by the Angolan government. Its network will be operational within a year. To obtain this license, the company has spent nearly $ 120 million.

Angolan Telecommunications Minister José Carlos da Rocha announced that “Angola’s Telstar has won the international public tender for the fourth telecommunications operator in Angola” after a competition 27 companies, including the South African giant MTN. The latter announced its withdrawal from this tender at the end of 2018. 

Telstar has obtained this license at a cost of $ 120 million and can start operations next year. This company created in January 2018 will now share the mobile phone market with two private operators holding the monopoly of the sector, Unitel which holds 80% against 20% for Movicel. To these two operators is added the public company Angola Telecom. In the process of privatization, this company has made the announcement of its entry into the mobile phone market only very recently.

According to José Carlos da Rocha, the process that led to Telstar’s choice was “transparent”. He explains that “the opening of the telecommunications sector obeys the will of the Angolan president Joao Lourenço who wishes to revive the economy of his country having suffered too much from the fall in oil prices since 2014.”