Telkom unveiled its Telkom Plus portal

Telkom has announced the launch of a value-added services (VAS) portal called Telkom Plus on the 9th December. The new offering is a subscription platform for Telkom users that aims to bring together wireless application service providers and content service providers.

“Telkom Plus is a one-stop-shop for subscribers to discover the range of digital services available on the Internet It is designed to engage users and generate interest around VAS subscription services. “said Gugu Mthembu, executive brand and product segment at Telkom.

“This platform allows a niche group of content services providers like apps, games and music streaming platform developers to put their products on the portal for a broader reach and service to the people,” added Mthembu.

Telkom Plus offers various improved additions, including device detection. According to Telkom, the platform is rendered according to the capabilities of a user’s device. This ensures a consistent and improved user experience, even on legacy devices. In addition, it offers enriching content such as games, sports, videos, lifestyle and social content. Telkom Plus is the default home page for all customers who create a new data session on the mobile network and is zero-rated for data usage to further boost traffic.