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Zain expands 5G coverage in Saudi Arabia

Zain has announced the expansion of its 5G coverage by adding five additional Saudi cities by bringing the total number of covered cities to 35. Through its development, Zain will support innovation and competitiveness by developing various fields, from individual capabilities, to product and service sectors, and the overall economy. The dedication to present 5G [...]

Zain KSA to roll-out region’s first 5G roaming service

Zain KSA launched the first 5G international roaming service for its customers in Kuwait using Zain Kuwait’s network. This impressive milestone marks the beginning of the data roaming services using 5G in the future. This initiative stems from Zain KSA’s expansion strategy and commitment to meet its customers’ needs and provide them with top services [...]

Zain KSA rolls out 5G network in Saudi Arabia

Zain Group has introduced 5G commercial services in Saudi Arabia with the first phase of the rollout being deployed through a network of 2,000 towers that cover an area of more than 20 cities in the Kingdom. Zain has also launched 5G services in Kuwait and is the largest 5G network deployment in the region to [...]