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UCC to amend regulation of OTT social media services in Uganda

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) is offering to amend the regulation of OTT services such as Facebook and Twitter to boost investment in the sector. During an international preparatory meeting, the issues related to OTT was raised by the UCC since Africa is a net user of OTT services and the regulators are facing hard [...]

MTN licence to expire in Uganda

Ugandas largest telecom company, MTN Uganda has to put up with a fight to secure the renewal of its licence which expires this year. With 55 percent of telecom market share or about 11.2 million subscribers accumulated over 20 years of operation, stakes are high. Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), announced that the telecom had applied [...]

Uganda is to expand internet access using satellite

The Uganda Communications Commissions (UCC) seeks to supplement optic fibre using satellite internet. The authorities confirmed the pilot testing will begin in November, this year.  Godfrey Mutabazi, the UCC Director General, said the government has been actively working on the satellite Internet access project together with the International Telecommunication Satellite Organisation (ITSO) and several private [...]

UCC takes back broadcast licence of ABS TV in Uganda

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has suspended the broadcast licence of ABS TV for repeatedly breaching the minimum broadcasting standards. The suspension of the TV licence followed several warnings the commission had given to the broadcaster to review their programmes content.  The Executive Director of UCC, Godfery Mutabazi noted that it was not the first [...]

Uganda to start digital migration in October

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) plans to launch the digital television migration project in October 2014 with the project to be first rolled out in Greater Kampala while the rest of the country will be switched to digital broadcasting by December. All the digital equipment has been procured and the country is ready for the [...]

Uganda fails to generate 70% local content

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) published a local content quota monitoring report earlier this week to point out that none of the televisions operating in Uganda has hit its target of 70% locally-made programmes. According to the report, which monitored Uganda’s prime time TV content between January and March 2014, Nile Broadcasting Services (NBS TV) had [...]


Uganda-based pay-TV operator, MOTV Africa Ltd, has sued Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) for breach of contract in the digital migration process and demanded UGX 14 billion (USD 5.7 million) in compensation. The company claims to have invested in digital broadcasting services after adopting the DVB-T standard, but says the Government then adopted DVB-T2 technology without [...]

Ugandan govt. seeks explantion for digital migration delay

Ugandas parliament committee on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has summoned Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) and Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) next Monday seeking an explanation on the delay in the country’s digital migration process. Voicing ICTs concerns, Vincent Bagiire, Committee Vice Chairperson, ICT said, It appears not much has been done despite government committing resources [...]