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Zimbabwe’s award-winning movie ‘Cook Off’ to be available on Netflix

Zimbabwes award-winning film, Cook Off, a 2017 comedy movie will soon be available on Netflix. Netflix is the worlds leading internet entertainment service attracting over 160 million subscribers. The comedy was produced by Joe Njagu, written and directed by Tomas Brickhill. It will feature Tendaiishe Chitima, Jessesi Mungoshi, Eddie Sandifolo, Chirikure Chirikure, and popular rapper [...]

Netflix rolls out ‘Made in Africa’ collection

Netflix has announced the introduction of a Made in Africa collection an exclusive array of African series, films and documentaries to celebrate Africa Month and show its commitment to Africa and its creative community. The collection is accessible internationally at netflix.com/madeinafrica (or can be found on Netflix by searching Made in Africa) and will make it easier [...]

Netflix to premiere second African original series ‘Blood & Water’

The streaming giant, Netflix is cashing in on a confined home audience, even in Africa with the lockdown around the world. By offering more international content on its platform, Netflix has decided to make Africa a new hub by producing original content. Last February, Netflix introduced its first African original series, Queen Sono, a South African [...]

Netflix announced season two of its first original African series

Netflix has announced the renewal of its first African original series, ‘Queen Sono’ for season two. Released in February, Queen Sono is Netflixs first original African series starring Quanticos Pearl Thusi. It centers on a highly trained spy who takes on dangerous missions, while also facing challenges in her personal life. The second season will [...]

New Nollywood movie to launch on Netflix

Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Omoni Oboli has confirmed that her 2019 film, ‘Love is War’ will join Netflix’s list of increasing titles sooner than originally scheduled. ‘Love is War’ will begin streaming on Netflix from Wednesday, April 29, 2020 as confirmed by Omoni Oboli and film distributors, Filmone. The political drama written by Inkblot’s Naz [...]

Netflix offers free access to its documentaries on YouTube

Several of Netflixs nature documentaries, including the critically acclaimed Our Planet and Babies, are available for free on its YouTube page. Since schools are closed right now, Netflix is bringing those documentaries to YouTube. This way, teachers can assign documentaries for students to watch without worrying about whether students have access to Netflix. Each title [...]

Saudi animation film ‘Masameer the Movie’ now available on Netflix

Following the success of Masameer the Movie in theatres, Netflix is streaming the movie with subtitles in over 30 languages. Netflix has acquired Masameer the Movie, the first Saudi animation movie based on the popular YouTube series that captured the imagination of the audience for years, produced by Myrkott. Myrkott is a Saudi animation studio based [...]