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Netflix and NFVF to fund South African movies

Netflix and the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) have announced a R28-million partnership to fund the production of South African micro-budget feature films. The agreement will see both partners contributing R14 million each in support of the production of local films, which will include exclusive debuts on Netflix. The partnership will see 6 local [...]

Netflix Africa announced a new partnership with Realness Institute

Netflix and Realness Institute announced a new partnership to create an Episodic Content Development Lab for writers in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria. Realness Institute will commit to foster a new wave of storytelling, while Netflix will bring its expertise in episodic content development, production and insight into global content trends. At Netflix, we believe [...]

Netflix to partner with Telcos across Africa

Netflix is showing more African content and has announced the partnership with telecom operators to make the streaming platform more accessible to potential subscribers. The streaming giant has over 193 million subscribers globally and is exploring ways to expand on the African market and seeking ways to overcome challenges including slow and expensive internet and [...]