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Liquid Telecom to roll out first fibre broadband network in South Sudan

Liquid Telecom will introduce and run South Sudan’s first fibre broadband network, connecting across 13 African countries and to the rest of the world. South Sudan will connect to Liquid Telecom’s network across the region which covers the East African Community, a regional intergovernmental organization of six partner states, the Republics of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, [...]

Liquid Telecom introduces Azure Stack service in East Africa

Liquid Telecom Kenya has rolled out a Microsoft Cloud service in East Africa that would enable a change in cybersecurity for the region’s most sensitive databases. The multinational telco stated the new Azure Stack service will enable companies to run a private Microsoft cloud within East Africa, rather than at one of Microsoft’s 54 public [...]

Discover Dataxis’ latest TV and Telco insights at Nextv CEO Africa from 14th to 16th May

 According to Dataxis latest research, 102 million households in the sub-Saharan region have access to television among the 225 million households constituting the region for the year 2018. Even though, the penetration is progressing, reaching 42% in 2018 compared to 40% in 2017, television has not yet fully penetrated into sub-Saharan African homes. Households receiving [...]

Liquid Telecom to deploy high-speed internet in the Eastern Cape

In South Africa, the State Information Technology Agency (SITA) has assigned Liquid Telecom to deploy high broadband internet in Eastern Cape. This connection will be used by the local government to ameliorate its services to residents in hospitals, schools and provincial offices. The acting CEO of the SITA, Ntutule Tshenye, declared, The provision of broadband [...]

Nokia collaborates with Liquid Telecom to boost fiber network in Africa

Nokia has inked a two-year partnership deal with African telecom firm Liquid Telecom Kenya to boost their current fiber network in a bid to support OTN/DWDM technology that offers an early network capacity of 500G. The collaboration will effectively help the two firms to offer faster and more reliable network connection along the route from [...]

Liquid Telecom launches first IOT service in Kenya

Liquid Telecom will launch over 3,000 air quality sensors to map pollution across Kenya and offer actionable data to stakeholders. The service, delivered in partnership with Code for Africa (CfA), will use the telco’s Sigfox Low Power Wide Area IOT network introduced in August 2018. The introduction of air quality sensors will be done in [...]

Liquid Telecom gets $180 million from UK for pan-African fibre network

Liquid Telecom has won a $180 million investment from British development finance agency CDC Group, which the firm will be using to deliver high-speed broadband, reliable connection and cloud services to communities and businesses across central and western Africa. The Mauritius-based, privately owned firm said in a statement on Tuesday that the money will allow [...]

Liquid Telecom to invest R5.6bn in Egypt

The pan-African telecoms group will invest $400 million in Egyptian network infrastructure and data centres, following completion of the ‘Cape to Cairo’ link. Pan-African telecoms group, Liquid Telecom, has announced it is investing $400 million (R5.6 billion) in Egypt over the next three years, following the completion of its ‘Cape to Cairo’ link. This is [...]