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Discover Dataxis’ latest TV and Telco insights at Nextv CEO Africa from 14th to 16th May

 According to Dataxis latest research, 102 million households in the sub-Saharan region have access to television among the 225 million households constituting the region for the year 2018. Even though, the penetration is progressing, reaching 42% in 2018 compared to 40% in 2017, television has not yet fully penetrated into sub-Saharan African homes. Households receiving [...]

Deutsche Welle inks partnership deals with private and public broadcasters in Uganda

Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) is extending its presence in Uganda. Director General Peter Limbourg inked numerous contracts with private and state-run broadcasters in Kampala. The agreement with public broadcaster Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) includes TV lifestyle program Euromaxx, football magazine Kickoff! and the radio show AfricaLink, among others. DW and its Ugandan partner [...]