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Skyroam Simo collaborates with Smile on mobile data in Africa

Smile Telecoms is partnering with Skyroam Simo, the mobile Platform as a Service (PaaS) company providing global data access services in order to allow more Africa mobile users to connect to the best 4G LTE mobile network with better coverage, faster speed, and more flexible plans. Smiles Group CEO, Ahmad Farroukh, said that, Smile is [...]

Parallel Wireless and Telesol to introduce 4G LTE in Ghana

Parallel Wireless has inked a deal with Ghanas LTE network Telesol to connect citizens and businesses in Ghana with 4G wireless services. African countries face hard restraints in the development of even the fixed-line infrastructure. Furthermore, they can also improve the development of fixed-networks, into new technologies such as 4G/LTE with its huge potential for [...]