STC Bahrain to launch new fiber plans for Jawwy TV Home

STC Bahrain announced the expansion of STC fiber plans by offering no-contract option with a free subscription to Jawwy TV Home.

The new fiber plans will offer customers with options for customers to subscribe on a contract as low as $20 or a non-contract at $30 with both plans offering unlimited internet access for the weekends.

In addition, the plans offer the first month rental for free and clubs huge data allowances up to 1.5TB with added bonus of calling minutes to other operators and data up to 15GB on the users’ mobile line.

Fiber plans starts at $40 comes with a free 12-month subscription of Jawwy TV Home, bundling additional 100GB monthly on the top of the plan’s data allowance. New and existing STC Fiber customers can get free access to a library of content from OSN, StarzPlay, FOX, MBC, Carlton and Wide Khaliji, among others.