stc Bahrain collaborates with China Telecom Global for global connectivity services

stc Bahrain inked a partnership with China Telecom Global (CTG), a leading global ICT services provider for the Seamless global connectivity services, which will be important to expand fast-growing economies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Under this new collaboration, stc Bahrain’s subscribers in the region—mainly those looking to expand in Asia Pacific will have a chance to enjoy more convenient and reliable connections that support their business growth. The MENA market plays a critical role in CTG’s global expansion and hence, will further boost CTG’s network support to its customers in the MENA market, and empower Chinese companies to further explore global markets and actively embrace the digital economy.

The CEO of stc Bahrain, Nezar Banabeela, said, “Through this partnership, China Telecom is able to extend its services to its clients in the Middle East while utilizing stc Bahrain’s reliable and robust infrastructure. We are also delighted to consolidate our presence in Asia Pacific and are looking forward to a long-term partnership with China Telecom.”

On the other hand, Changhai Liu, the Managing Director of China Telecom Africa & Middle East Limited explained that: “This new collaboration with stc Bahrain further allows China Telecom to strengthen its service capabilities in the Middle East and North Africa region. We look forward to this long-term partnership with stc Bahrain and hope to unlock potential and create new value for our users.”

The agreement allows stc Bahrain and CTG to extend their service coverage with great resources to maintain a consistently high level of services and improved accessibility in the key gateway between the East and the West.

This partnership also comes at a time where stc Bahrain has been actively establishing a strong reputation in the wholesale industry, enabling it to own one of the largest wholesale market shares while promoting Bahrain as the GCC ICT hub.

With its extensive network and capabilities across the globe, China Telecom has always taken an international perspective to address growing market demands. This is in line with the company’s tremendous experience of serving large-scale multinational corporations, accounting for 40% of Fortune Global 500, and helping businesses worldwide to be better equipped for digital transformation of their products and services.