StarzPlay partners with Omantel to increase viewership

Omantel subscribers can now enjoy premium packages from Starzplay for six months, free of charge. As part of the deal, StarzPlay is now available via the telco operator’s home internet plan.

Omantel subscribers with an average spend of $67 per month on the entertainment package can have access to StarzPlay complimentary for six months. However, those on a lower plan can subscribe to StarzPlay at 50% off.

In a statement, Omantel’s representative announced: “This is the main bundling deal we have done in Oman with Omantel. Previously, residents of the Sultanate of Oman could pay for a StarzPlay service through Omantel and that was the only relationship we had with the telco operator. With this new deal, Omantel has bundled StarzPlay with their existing broadband plans. We see this as a great growth opportunity for StarzPlay in Oman and are certain that their existing and new subscriber base will want to benefit from these new offers.”