Sputnik signed partnership with Congolese National Radio and Television (RTNC)

The Russian news agency, Sputnik has signed a new partnership agreement with the Congolese National Radio and Television (RTNC), in Moscow which was part of a recent official visit by the Congolese delegation in Russia. This agreement will allow for regular exchange of content in French and English, between the Congolese public broadcaster and Sputnik. The two sides also agreed to collaborate in the field of information to strengthen relations between their two countries.

Ernest Kabila Ilunga, the director general of the RTNC, was delighted with the partnership agreement with Sputnik. He mentioned that he hoped that this collaboration would contribute not only to cultural, but also economic and trade relations between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Russia.

RTNC is one of the largest television and radio companies in the Congo where its television network covers 70% of the country, while radio broadcasting reaches nine of the 26 Congolese provinces.

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