Spotify Lite launched in South Africa

Spotify has launched a “Lite” version of its music streaming app in 36 markets across the world, including South Africa. The new version is an Android application is a simpler version of the main Spotify app and has lot of features which minimise storage space and mobile data usage. 

The app only takes up 10MB of storage space once installed, and allows listeners to set a data usage limit and receive a notification once they reach it. It also allows users to clear their cache in they are low on storage space. 

“Spotify Lite was built from the ground up based on user feedback from around the world, allowing millions more to enjoy the world’s best music experience — especially in areas with limited bandwidth and phone storage,” said Spotify senior product manager Kalle Persson.

The app is available from the Google Play Store for all Android smartphones running version 4.3 or higher.