Spotify launch Afro Hub to promote African music


Spotify, the world leader in music streaming, announced the launch of Afro Hub, a section dedicated to music from the African continent. This action was implemented as part of Global Cultures, a Spotify initiative to promote music from traditionally neglected cultural backgrounds.

In a communication, Spotify announced, Afro Hub celebrates and honors African culture and its highly appreciated music. Spotify’s mission is to discover all the layers of this ancient, expressive and rhythmic musical culture, which is an important component of modern-day music. Through its variety of styles, African music has influenced genres in the United States and abroad for centuries.”

Afro Hub will include several levels of content. There will be news, podcasts and playlists of African music. They will respectively consist of music from each region of the continent. It will obviously include the songs of music stars from the African continent as Wizkid, Major Lazer, but also new talents.