Sony Middle East & Africa announces World of Film campaign

Sony Middle East & Africa has announced the World of Film campaign, an initiative to celebrate Sony’s legacy and commitment to the movie-making world. The campaign, which began in August, will run until the end of the year 2021.

Sony will be celebrating several filmmakers from a diverse range of backgrounds and across a wide range of genres. These include individual filmmakers to production houses crossing the Asia Pacific and the Middle East & Africa.

Films from filmmakers of the Middle East & Africa region will be showcased alongside exclusive behind the scenes production footage. The film is set to share their journey and experience in filmmaking and the gear that helped them achieve their vision. These creators will also hold workshops sharing insights on how they achieved their cinematic visions.

Moreover, Sony will be running a filmmaking competition as part of the campaign. The competition began on August 2 and runs until December 31, 2021. The competition consists of two categories: the Open Category, which is open to all entrants in participating regions, and the Student Category, which is open to participants undertaking a full-time filmmaking programme.

Projects must be submitted via the online form available on the World of Film by Sony Middle East and Africa website. Each submission will be judged for its artistic excellence in craftsmanship across various aspects of filmmaking.

Winners will first be chosen on a local level before being judged regionally. The local winners will be judged in January 2022, while the regional winner in February 2022. The local winners will receive digital equipment. The grand prize for the regional winner will be $15,000 cash for the Open Category and $8,000 for the Student Category.