Soap opera ‘Nazaré’ to debut on MBC + Drama channel in MENA

After the success of More than Love, Frozen Memories and Living Passion, the most recent Portuguese production of SIC, Nazaré, is heading to MBC in MENA on August 10th.

Finalist at the Festival TV & Film Awards in New York, winner of the silver medal at the World Media Festival and audience leader in SIC since its premiere breaking records every day, the great fiction phenomenon Nazaré confirmed its sale on MBC, covering territories of the Middle East and North Africa.

The production will available on MBC + Drama from August 10, 2020. MBC Group is one of the largest media company in the region. Nazaré is the story of a beautiful and strong woman who will do anything to save her mother’s life, even if it means betraying the love of her life.