Showmax to release TV series ‘Hlomu the Wife’ this November

The highly anticipated telenovela, The Wife, which is based on the best-selling novel written by Dudu Busani-Dube, is expected to appear on Showmax on November 11.

When Showmax announced it was making a telenovela inspired by the novel, readers were excited and started suggesting names for the cast that they mostly fantasised about when reading the books. The book series began with Hlomu The Wife, which started as a blog in 2014 and was later published. It was followed by Zandile The Resolute, Naledi His Love, Iqunga and Mess. Currently readers are waiting in anticipation for the last book in the series, Hlomu the End which is expected to be published in November.

It has to be noted that the most loved character in the book series, Mqhele will be played by Bonko Khoza. He burst onto the acting scene as Jabz in the multi-award-winning film Necktie Youth and has since appeared in the likes of Professionals and the Emmy-nominated Roots.

Bonko said he read the book a couple of years ago and was a fan from the moment he put it down. He then added: “Fast forward to 2021 when I got sent an audition for the series. I’m really excited to bring to life this incredible piece of writing. Dudu created a compelling work of art and now we get to breathe life into it, put faces to names and show it to the world”.

On the other hand, Busani-Dube also expressed her excitement on the release saying: “For fans of Hlomu the Wife, who know all the scenes and the lines, be prepared for new experiences and surprises on screen”.

To recall, the first three episodes of The Wife will be available on November 11 and three new episodes will be added every Thursday. The Wife is exclusive to Showmax.