Showmax launches new original documentary on lockdown

Showmax announced on September 8 2021 via Twitter, the imminent release of the documentary titled United Apart SA – Lockdown Remembered. The feature marks the first documentary which aims to look at an aspect of the current status quo in the country.

United Apart SA – Lockdown Remembered is a deep dive into South Africa’s official lockdown strategy and the effect it has had on society, the economy and their most vulnerable citizens. The documentary’s advantage is that it is the first locally produced documentary that attempts to interrogate or highlight the losses and successes of the government in its handling of the ongoing pandemic.

Moreover, its availability comes ahead of other documentaries by competing platforms which will also focus on an aspect of the lockdown and the way in which people have continued to live through the experience.

It has to be noted that the Showmax Originals’ United Apart SA – Lockdown Remembered is currently available to watch on Showmax and Showmax Pro.