Showmax launched new Original series ‘Dam’

Produced in collaboration with the Eastern Cape Development Corporation, the Amathole District Municipality and Picture Tree, ‘Dam‘ is now available on Showmax based on the Kenyan police procedural ‘Crime and Justice‘.

Reviewer Sergio Pereira has acclaimed Dam’s outstanding production quality, saying it rivals any international production. He further said, “More importantly, the cast delivers an equally exceptional performance to rival the production quality and script.”

The eight- part series stars Kykner Silwerskerm Festival Best Actress Winner Lea Vivier (‘Wonderlus’, ‘The Day We Didn’t Meet ‘) as Yola, who returns from Chile to bury her estranged father. To her surprise, and her sister’s irritation, he’s left his farm to her, but this may be more of a curse than a blessing, as the house seems to be trying to tell her something. But with her mother institutionalized, and her own meds running out, Yola has to wonder if the spirits are real or just in her head? 

Multi Saft winners Alex Yazbek (‘Unmarried ‘, ‘The Wild ‘, ‘Isibaya‘), Pallance Dladla (‘Shadow‘, ‘Isibaya‘),  and Laudo Liebenberg (‘Black Sails‘, ‘Die Byl‘) and Faniswa Yisa (‘Knuckle City’ and the upcoming Showmax Original ‘Blood Psalms‘) is part of the all-star cast who secured leading roles in the Alex Yazbek directed series, ‘Dam‘.