Shashah online digital guide launched reviews in MENA, an online entertainment guide for the MENA region has been launched. The service will offer reviews and ratings of films and TV programmes and directs users to their preferred OTT platforms with the aim to service a solid entertainment guide in the region.

“Shashah will lead the viewer to where he can watch his chosen content; whether it is on a satellite channel, local cinema theatre or a TV streaming platform. As the platform is in both Arabic and English, it will also serve the needs of non-Arabic audiences looking for reviews of content shown on OTT platforms and cinemas in the region,” announced a spokesperson.

He also added, “we are quite excited about launching this unique service which the Arabic audience is missing. Although there are sources that give extensive reviews on western content, very few, if any, give credible reviews and ratings of Arabic content. Shashah intends to fill this gap for the Arabic audience. We will also give our own reviews on the western content available in the MENA region, as well as provide the ratings of other major reviewers.”