Shahid VIP to air critically acclaimed play Bodyguard

Bodyguard, Egyptian superstar Adel Imam’s famous play, has arrived exclusively to Shahid VIP. The arrival of Bodyguard on Shahid VIP follows successful negotiations between General Entertainment Authority (GEA) and MBC Group.

Director Rami Imam said: “This is an exciting moment for us, because we have been waiting for years for the perfect time for Bodyguard to show on screens across the Arab world and wider territories. And what better place for us than on Shahid VIP. Bodyguard is a production that is incredibly close to my heart, because it marked the early beginnings of my theatre-focused directorial career. It was during this show that I was able to apply all the skills I learned through studying international theatre, drawing inspiration from performances in London, the United States and elsewhere. I credit Bodyguard with paving the way for both my TV and cinema work later on in my career.”

Written by Youssef Maati and directed by Rami Imam, Bodyguard tells the story of Adham – played by Imam – a prisoner who makes friends with a well-known businessman, Saad, who is also serving time. With Adham approaching release, Saad strikes a deal with him to work as a bodyguard for his wife, Aisha. Over time, however, the friendship sours as each discovers a series of betrayals that ends up with Saad wanting to frame Adham. However, an obstacle stands in his way.