Sentech partners Raizcorp to streamline supply chain

Sentech, signal distributor of the South African Broadcasting Corporation, has signed a contract with Raizcorp, South Africa’s business guidance provider, to streamline its supply chain and support small and medium businesses in order to drive economic sustainability.

Raizcorp has developed a business growth programmes which aims at increasing Sentech’s existing supplier base and to attract new suppliers. As part of the strategy, Sentech will invigorate its supply chain by actively investing, nurturing, upskilling and developing its suppliers.

Ten small and medium businesses have been selected to join Sentech’s 12-month business growth programme. Through this programme, SMBs will gain access to markets, finance institutions, back-office support, entrepreneurial learning and business guidance from business guides/ coaches. After the completion of the programme, they will then be incorporated back into Sentech’s supply chain.

This initiative aims at strengthening Sentech’s supplier pool. It also creates employment opportunities which will positively impact the economic growth by actively supporting and encouraging these businesses.

“Sentech is indeed pleased to be at the forefront of empowering small and medium enterprises within South Africa. We understand that entrepreneurs need to be supported in order to propel economic sustainability. Sentech would like to wish the beneficiaries of our Business Growth Programme success, and I trust that through this initiative, we have demonstrated our commitment to your development and trust that the skills gained through this programme will bear testament that public and private partnerships like this one work,” said Rudzani Rasikhinya, Acting Chief Executive Officer at Sentech.

“Raizcorp is proud to be partnering with Sentech on delivering this important programme which is focused on building the business and personal skills of small, black-owned businesses,” said Alfie Naidoo, Chairman of Raizcorp. “Too often, businesses fail, not because of a lack of funding, but rather because business owners have the wrong business and mental models to be successful. We expect that the graduates of this programme will be in a much stronger position in creating wealth and growing our economy.”