SABC to roll out its own video streaming service in 2021

South African Broadcasting Corporation has announced that they will launch a streaming service of their own in 2021.

The spokesperson of SABC, Mmoni Seapolelo, said, ’’The SABC can confirm that it is planning to launch its video and audio streaming services in line with the ever-changing industry trends and consumer needs. At this stage, the SABC is not in a position to provide more detail, due to the commercial sensitivity of the information.’’

The details of the streaming service have not yet been decided but from what has been shared so far, it’s being suggested SABCs video-on-demand service will be similar to BBCs iPlayer.

Some of SABCs streaming content will apparently be available freely whilst most of the library will reportedly be offered behind a paywall. Free content will be limited whilst paid content will be available to people who have a TV licence – at least this is what is expected at the moment.

SABC is rolling out the video on demand service to compete with DStv and also in response to “industry needs”.

An “SABC iPlayer” would allow the broadcaster to host its content on its own platform. It currently offers some of its original content to DStv’s Catch Up service and places some of it on YouTube.

The offering is expected to launch sometime next year.