Rotana Group inks strategic partnership with SBI

Rotana Group and SBI (Sawt Beirut International) just signed a strategic partnership to produce new media content for TV programs and further expand the current SBI’s reach to a wider Arab audience.

SBI is a Lebanese platform that produces high-quality programs and talk shows covering topics ranging from entertainment to social news, youth, medical, arts and music.

This agreement stipulates that the Lebanese satellite channel and part of the Rotana Group, LBC SAT, will broadcast SBI’s programs and develop jointly new content.

“As we continue to expand our content ambitions, we are pleased to collaborate with strategic partners such as SBI to help us research and create rich and interesting content to our viewers in the Arab World and around the world. At Rotana, we are committed to the mandate of nurturing and promoting the rising of a rich content in the world of film and entertainment media, and one of the objectives of this agreement is to jointly develop high quality and attractive content of interest to our viewers,” said the President of Rotana TV, Abdullah Shabana.

On the other hand, the Executive Director of SBI, Jerry Maher, added, “This agreement will advance media in the Arab World, and with this partnership, we will be answering the Arab Youth’s ambitions for a freer and independent media.”

Rotana Group owns several TV stations, including Rotana Khaleejia, Rotana Cinema, Rotana Classic, Rotana Music, Rotana Clip, and LBC SAT among others, and SBI, on the other side, has managed in a short period of time to spread widely in Lebanon by developing new entertaining programs and talk shows.