Rain to launch new 5G products

Following the launch of Rain’s 5G network in South Africa in partnership with Huawei, they are now planning to expand through new products.

Rain’s new 5G service offers uncapped data with the average speed of 200Mbps for R1,000 per month while Huawei 5G CPE to deliver high speed broad to homes and businesses. 

This offer is only available to a group of existing customers however Rain plans to open up its 5G market to the general public. 

“As the ecosystem matures many more 5G devices (such as dual-SIM mobile phones, MiFis, tablets, and 5G-connected laptops) will become available at affordable cost,” Rain said.

According to Likun Zhao, Huawei South Africa General Manager, “For this phase, we are focused on 5G routers and we have developed packages for homes and small companies,” 

He added that Huawei is focussing on the development of 5G mobile Wi-Fi routers (Mi-Fi devices) and an outdoor CPE for improved connectivity to the 5G network.

“For this year, we will focus on new 5G routers,” he said. “The next product we will introduce is an antenna which can attach to windows to solve the indoor coverage problem, and 5G Mi-Fi will be another product that we will introduce to Rain.”