Phocal Media launched by Linktia Group in Dubai

Phocal Media, the regionally-authentic visual media specialist has been launched by the Dubai-based, Linktia Group of companies in a tactical way, providing relevant global content across the world.

Greg Aslangul, chief executive of phocal Media said: “Our aim is to give clients content with context,” “The proliferation of visual content providers mostly concentrates on cost-effective solutions. Phocal Media however will focus on curated visual content of the highest quality and a transparent licensing model and also provide bespoke production services to ensure that our clients always find their shot.”
“ArabianEye has been for the past decade the leading Middle Eastern content provider, with exceptional in-house content production capabilities that have produced premium creative content tailored to fit the regional requirements. Now that same model will be replicated worldwide, focusing mainly on relevance for specific regions and it will be implemented to also facilitate creating bespoke content upon client request”, said Alina Al Hamdani, executive producer at phocal Media.