Partner Communications in Israel signs up 5000 customers for IPTV service

Israel’s second largest mobile operator Partner Communications says it has registered 5,000 customers for its TV service within two days of its launch, and is now embarking on registering 5,000 more. Partner TV, an IPTV service, will be competing against pay-TV market leaders Yes and HOT and CellcomTV. Cellcom TV introduced its internet-based service two years ago. 

The Broadcaster will provide 40 channels on sports, kids shows, natural history and news as well as all Israeli channels. Its service will operate on an open Android TV box and subscribers will be able to add content, games and music applications directly from Google Play. The programmes will also be available live or on-demand on any smart TC table or smartphone.

Itzik Benvenisti, CEO of Partner said, “It’s really a television solution that is available all the time, in any place and for any kind of watching.” Netflix will also be available through Partner’s set-top-box, the first of its kind partnership for the US streaming giant in Israel.

“In the United States we are we seeing similar narrow bundles and skinny bundle services and we think Israeli is going to adopt it very quickly,” said Adam Chesnoff, chairman, Partner. Installation for the pre-registered customers will begin towards the end of july.