Paratus and MTN sign first roaming agreement in Namibia

Telecommunications service provider Paratus Namibia and MTN Namibia announce that they have signed a national roaming agreement, a first of its kind in the Southern African country.

Through this agreement, Paratus and MTN customers throughout the country will benefit from the integration of two networks to deliver better and increased national coverage for all, said local media reports.

Andrew Hall, Managing Director of Paratus Namibia, commented on the partneship saying: “By partnering with MTN we are now able to achieve faster mobile LTE deployment because in the past we have failed to engage with dominant operators to achieve our goals”.

He indicated that the national roaming agreement with MTN is the “first of many agreements in which Paratus will share the infrastructure with licensed operators and provide quality network connections to the commercial and national market at large and beyond. It really is a new dawn for telecommunications in Namibia”.

Hall added the partnership with MTN would enable Paratus to realise a faster mobile LTE roll-out as in the past it has been unsuccessful in engaging with the dominant operators to achieve its goals. Long Term Evolution, or LTE, is a 4G wireless broadband standard that replaces previous technologies like WiMax and 3G. It is faster than 3G but slower than both true 4G and 5G, which is the current wireless standard.

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