OSN network to revamp its streaming platform WAVO in MENA

Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu and home entertainment have been revamped. Viewers no longer follow a set schedule to watch their favourite TV shows. Streaming platforms have given viewers control of what to watch, where, when and how.

The CEO of Orbit Showtime Network (OSN) said, “The world of today is changing rapidly. The way you use or consume movies and series is fundamentally different from the way your parents were using it.”

Patrick Tillieux was appointed CEO last year and has since adapted to the changes in order to survive in the industry.

 “We go from the old world of linear to the new world of non-linear viewing,” Tillieux said, explaining that “linear” is the old way of viewing movies and series in a set time schedule, pre-planned by the TV network, while “non-linear” is having the option to pick anything to watch at any time.

Currently, WAVO features content from Disney, Sony, Paramount and Universal.
One of the features on WAVO includes dubbed shows.

“I think Saudi Arabia is changing a lot these days, it’s good what is happening, it is good for Saudi society … movie theaters are opening so we come at an age where strangely enough content becomes more important than it used to be,” said Tillieux.